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Welcome to Carshare Europe: Shaping a new dimension in urban mobility

Travel around cities is changing. The old distinctions between public and private transport are breaking down. One of the key new elements in the mobility mix is car share.

Car share and car clubs are growing fast in many european and global urban areas but this new arrival in the transport equation is not yet fully integrated alongside all the other elements: trains, metros, trams, buses and bikes.

Bikes actually began to join the club only a few years back but now bike share schemes are a familiar part of the transport system in more and more cities.

What does the future hold for car share? Who will be the major service providers? How will car share schemes be managed as part of city transport? What will be the policy and regulatory framework? Where are these challenges being successfully tackled?

These and many more issues are why we have set up the Carshare Europe website. It’s a knowledge resource, information exchange, debating forum and way for fellow professionals to get together online and at our events.

Join us here and at our Urban Mobility and New Forms of Car Use conference in November 2013.

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